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Champions of strong community engagement and a collaborative approach to working, Karen Farbridge & Associates know how to build successful cross sector relationships. We can help you navigate the tricky waters of government relations, community energy planning and municipal development approval. Through our proven experience and leadership, we can help you plan and execute business strategies that will keep your projects on time and on budget.

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Connecting people and ideas is best done in person. Karen Farbridge is a skilled communicator with a wide range of successes and experiences to draw on. If your event needs a keynote, panelist or guest facilitator, Karen will build an immediate connection with your audience. Drawing on her own experiences she will help your meeting get out of the weeds and think about big picture opportunities.

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Urban Citizen Blog

With two thirds of the world population to be urban dwellers by 2050, we need to get cities right – for people, governments and budgets. In fact, more than 80% of Canadians already live in urban environments. We know there are endless opportunities and possibilities to grow smart, sustainable and resilient cities. This blog shares our ideas about how governments, citizens and the private sector can work together to build cities for todays Urban Citizen. Subscribe here.

Urban Citizen Blog