Promethea Rising Podcast

Promethea Rising is dedicated to promoting energy conscious communities.

Join Karen Farbridge as she talks to good people working to solve a wicked global problem.

We are surrounded by energy. The sun alone provides our planet enough solar energy in 90 minutes to power all human needs for a year. Our Promethean challenge has always been how do we harness the abundance of energy around us without unintended consequences - like climate change. My guests are tackling this challenge and generously offer their experience working with communities on transforming our energy system.

To be conscious is to be aware of your surroundings. To be energy conscious means to be aware of how we get, distribute, and use energy in our communities. New energy technologies are also going local – so there is no better time than now for communities to become more energy conscious. The good news is communities are mobilizing around the world to help shape a low carbon and resilient energy future.

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