KFA supports communities along their path to net zero. KFA brings experience in data-driven community and stakeholder engagement, strategy development, policy integration and governance with a focus on effective implementation. KFA is committed to building communities that are healthy, affordable, inclusive, resilient, and prosperous through sound energy planning.

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Hope can thrive in a city like a living thing. The right plan builds hope that cities can address climate change.


There are ways to take action. Carbon emissions can be tracked and goals can be set to provide a sense of progress and direction.


It will take cooperation and collaboration with all branches of the community, including governments and business leaders.

Join the movement.

KFA Zero Emissions Vehiclces Blog

Zero-Emission Vehicles & Net Zero Communities: The Link

Canada recently announced new sales mandates for zero-emission vehicles. At least 20% of new vehicles sold in...

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KFA Climate Outlook for 2023

Climate Outlook for 2023

We do not need a crystal ball to predict climate change impacts on people and natural systems...

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Ozone blog header

Ozone Lessons for Addressing Climate Change

Reflecting on the International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer offers a hopeful lesson for...

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Promethea Rising is dedicated to promoting energy conscious cities and communities. Karen Farbridge talks to good people across Canada working to solve a wicked global problem.