Does Sweden have skeptics?

July 15, 2015

I wonder if Swedish newspapers still have columnists speculating on whether climate change is real or not.  This week, a Globe and Mail columnist referred to climate change as “as unfortunate by-product of progress, one that may or may not cause serious problems down the road”.

If they do, it doesn’t seem to distract them – or Scandinavia in general.

  • Krisianstad is the capital of a region in Sweden.  In 1999 (and I stress 1999) their local government unanimously decided to become a Fossil Fuel Free community.
  • Copenhagen in Denmark is working to be carbon neutral by 2025.  They really began over 50 years ago.  Today, a district energy system supplies 97% of the city with clean, reliable and affordable heating.
  • Boras is Sweden’s 13th largest municipality.  Its municipally-owned energy company have a vision for its city to be fossil fuel free.

Key ingredients of the three include: combined heat and power, biogas, renewable energy, municipally-owned utility, district energy, land-use planning, and cycling infrastructure.

They seem to just get on with it understanding the multiple benefits for their communities and country.

Source: Exploring Transformational Change – Pathways to 2050, Province of British Columbia