For the love of a warm, cozy home

January 2, 2017

Warm, cozy home

We pay too much to keep our homes warm and cozy on a cold winter’s day.

Why? Because our homes were built to waste energy. That has been our practice for decades.

Yes, it is changing.  New homes are less wasteful of energy.  They come with energy efficiency features already built in – from insulation to windows.

But that is cold comfort for the rest of us as we look out our single, or even double paned, windows to the snow outside.

Renters have it even worse.  Especially if they pay their own energy bills as there is little incentive for their landlord to renovate for energy efficiency.

It is common sense not to waste energy. But there is a big gap between common sense and making changes to our home.

Despite all kinds of prompts and prods from government, homeowners remain stubbornly resistant to making structural changes to their homes to save energy.

Clearly more is at stake than the opportunity to save money.

For the love of a warm and cozy home on a cold winter’s day, we need to figure out what that is to do something about climate change.