#OpenGov – Local disruption

June 17, 2015

As the song lyric says, “video killed the radio star”.  Incremental change is not new but the scale of disruption being caused by the emerging digital age is something different altogether.

Shedding the tools, systems and thinking of an industrial era would be hard enough if it was just an internal exercise for local government. Institutions have drawn comfort from holding information and decision making close. Like holding on to a comfortable old sweater, we can ignore the holes for a long time.

If local governments are to be successful in making the transition to the digital age, we must all come along for the ride. It is not about them – it is about us.  Our relationship with local government must change and that means they can expect strong resistance from outside as well.

This is one of a series post in preparation for my participation on a panel called “Let’s Get Digital” at a smart cities conference in Rome.