#OpenGov - More than that

June 15, 2015

Connecting through community

Open Government is what we have called Guelph’s strategy to adapt our local government to the digital age.

We may need a new name before we are done.

Too often it is mistaken for just more government transparency while open data enthusiasts see it as paving the way to new sources of government data. Open access to information, sharing rather than hoarding information, is a quality of the digital era but not its only one.

A comprehensive strategic approach – one that includes open engagement (participation) and open governance (accountability) as well as open data (innovation) and access to information (transparency) – is necessary to pursue the opportunity for democratic renewal that the digital age promises.

Maintaining strategic focus will be challenging given scarce resources, a skeptical, disengaged and weary public and the relentless pace of social media.

This is one of a series post in preparation for my participation on a panel called “Let’s Get Digital” at a smart cities conference in Rome.