The Paris Agreement: what's next?

January 2, 2016

Action changes things.

One hundred and ninety countries have reached consensus on The Paris Agreement.  The goal is to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions.  Canada was proudly among them.

So what’s next?

Now the reality of living up to our international commitments will test all of us.  Time is of the essence.

What will you do to take some carbon out of your life?  Local organizations like eMERGE will help you live lighter, live richer.

Has your workplace made a commitment to sustainability? Is it real?  The Co-operators understands that acting on sustainability is about taking care of tomorrow, today.

What are your local public institutions – schools, hospitals, colleges, universities and local government – doing to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from their operations?  The Ontario government requires them to report annually on their greenhouse gas emissions (great open data by the way) and have an energy management plan.  Is this just a compliance exercise for your local public institutions or are they serious about reducing their energy consumption?  Have they posted their plans?  Are they reporting on their progress?  Are they meeting to share best practices with each other?

There are some great early innovators who we can all learn from – just click on the links above to see a few leaders.  These are organizations that did not need The Paris Agreement to start acting. Because you don’t.  Only action changes things.