This would help local climate change action

February 3, 2016

Communities across Canada have identified an energy and emissions inventory as the most important tool to encourage emission reductions. However, there are few policies that encourage the development and monitoring of inventories in Canada.

The development of greenhouse gas inventories is time consuming.  Getting access to reliable data often proves challenging for local governments.  Small communities often don’t have the resources to develop inventories. Provincially-maintained community energy and emissions inventories would save money and time, improve the quality of data collected, and promote a standardized approach to developing inventories among communities.

The BC government collects greenhouse gas emissions data and makes it available to their municipalities.  That’s nice.

The Community Energy and Emissions Inventory (CEEI) helps to track the progress of local government efforts to reduce greenhouse emissions across their communities.  It has been estimated that the CEEI has avoided over $1.5 million in community costs while accelerating the planning process for local governments.  That’s smart.

The BC Climate Action Charter and Climate Action Revenue Incentive Program also provide a financial incentive for local governments to measure and report on their community emissions profile.

Maybe it is not surprising to see why BC communities are leaders in community energy planning and reducing greenhouse gas emissions at the local level.  Something for other provinces to consider.