Time to get it on climate change

October 31, 2015

I spent a good part of last week surrounded by Canadian energy leaders from all sectors who get it.  Sanity-restored.

Minister Glen Murray opened up the QUEST conference with an unequivocal message of urgency – of the consequences for us if we don’t act now and definitively on climate change.

Usually such honest messages receive criticism for fear it will make people feel hopeless.  I get that.  I have felt that.

I remember posting a Guardian article a few months ago on Facebook that reported the latest international scientific findings on climate change – it was not good.  I immediately received criticism for sharing the article. Come to think of it, I had read the article because it had been shared by Minister Murray on twitter.

When a business develops strategy, they need to know what their key business imperatives are.  So how do we develop a climate change strategy – at any level – without being explicit about the global and local imperatives.