What about Open Community?

February 25, 2015

What about Open Community? What would that look like?

Open Government is a catchall phrase to describe a fundamental remaking of government so its works better – within and beyond its own walls. Scorn will be heaped on those institutions who have the courage to push down this path for not being able to turn decades (or centuries) of entrenched practice around in a day, but the work is important.

Solutions to wicked problems like food security, affordable housing and climate change won’t be solved by governments alone but will require deep community collaboration across all sectors – government, business, civil society – to find solutions that actually improve people’s lives and the health of the planet.

It means an emphasis of:

  • Systems over silos
  • Accountability over control
  • Principles over compliance
  • Outcomes over outputs

Maybe we should also be talking about what it means to be an Open Community?  How does a community hold itself accountable to make sure no one goes hungry or every child will be safe from abuse?  Why is it just someone else’s job? How does a community break down its own silos?